Saturday, September 29, 2007

murder of sir peter blake

sir peter blake was murdered on his boat in Brazil by people they call pirates,
but these are not pirates! they are heathens, and murders, and in my attempt to reach the people and let them know i don't promote the idea, that murders are pirates.
A proper pirate simply lives out side the "box" and lives with nature.
Under no circumstances will we let people misenturprit the true life of a pirate,
please understand "violence is not my word", we have reputations to with hold as pirates, people may not under stand us, but we give them no reson to hate us.
I give my humble obasences unto sir peter blake and his gift he has givin to the nautical world, and his family that has bin robbed, not just of a love one, but of hope for humanity.

nuf respect, we nah shotta round ear!

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