Friday, September 28, 2007

Page two-(rejected version)

Well we made it this far, i guess i should introduce myself, my name is "james david mandelin JR", aka "son" or to my deciples i am "CAPTAIN SON" or "son of a.."
any way you get the picture. My messeage is not very simple, but i can say that i dont know anyone as qualified as me to write a "pirates guide", i have bin living aboard over a dozen sailboats,barges,and make shift islands for meny years now, and over those years i have learned one thing " I LOVE SUFFERING" freezin, hungry, sore, tired, bleedin, are my greatest atrabutes. If i am cozy on a warm summers day i would find somthing to break so i can get fusterated while tring to fix it, and maby gouging my knuckles and geting bilge sludge on my only clean white kakies will fulfill my great plan to suffer! Do you sound like me?, do you wanna sound like me?
you may not now but after you read the (rejected version of the guide), you will want to fill that yerning for suffering in vain!, why would you do that?
1) your life will never be dull,
2) builds character
3) manly reputation "even for wemen"
4) you become infamious (at least they have herd of you)
5) you learn how things dont work
those are just some of the resons, and ill give you more..................
But first im still in the introduction of this manual and just so you get an idea that this is real life
piratism, and it may be hard to understand the lanquistics, but i will teach you all the lingo.
I will teach you how to dress properly, as in pirate fasion, how to walk like a bonafied pirate,
and of course gestures and mannerisms. How to sail a "p.p.v"
I will also go thrue the regulations section (c17), and moral codes of conduct.
when you are done reading this guide you will be envied by lubbers and hated by bayliner

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