Thursday, April 25, 2013


Its a pirates pride, a  sticky grip that has the stench of  the rotting ocean floor that has seeped into the depths of our soul, breeding nomatic scoundrels everywhere.
 If the boats not sunk, dont get off it, if it aint broke, then brake it, and learn to fix it, because its all but a part and parcel of becoming a proper pirate, the stench, the harsh austerities in vain, and of course the bigginers 
constant mistakes as i like to call the"neophyte flux" witch is where it all begins,
 Yer first jib sheet caught in yer prop, 
yer first motor to fall of your braket,
yer first mast snapin, or yer first time getting wacked by the boom.
  The neophyte flux is the golden time, discovering unimaginable sunsets reflecting of the translucent sea, the first time making nukie in the luminescence with a norwegin mermaid.
The adrenalin rush of yer first major storm, not knowing yer limits, and discovering them to be not a hell of a lot, nothing keeps you alive more then knowing theres 3 8ths between you and being crab baite.
 Having yer first anything is always a touch and go, either it was a bad experience  or a good one, either way its an experience and you will go thru it all, see it as a devastating knock down 
is yer greatest teacher, not just teaching you what not to do while yer sailing, but, how to act in stressfull conditions, new feelings new emotions, felt like nothing you ever felt, or even could imagine, and come out with yer wife and passengers intact, also know as "dont freak out!", you will make it! just keep sayin "i think ican i think ican"  

   In this guide, i will teach you how to embrace theatrical terror, for when 5 foots waves seem big, and you make it thru, 7 foot waves become not so bad, when you conquered 30 footers, the 15 footers seem not so bad, and the 10 footers are easy, its all in the eyes of the beer holder!

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