Monday, May 27, 2013

W.C.P posse

   W.C.P (taken from an article  in pirate weekly magazine may 20012)

  W.C.P- "west coast pirates", the ruffist, tuffist, seamen gang on the west coast of Canada, brutalizing mussel shells all over the gulf islands, terrorizing bull kelp, and crabs, leaving trails of barnacle blood every where.

  W.C.P is becoming one of the largest pirate gangs, 

on the west coast, not including the east coast, "where life expectancy, isn't that high", and theirs no real life out there anyway.

  So why are people joining the gang?, fronted by "pirates guide to alternative yachting", unto witch is gangs bible, And where the gang gets its, codes of conduct from, and created the method to there madness.
  Most of the gang members iv talked to, stated they joined because they like beer, and W.C.P promotes beer, beer and pot.

  this is what one of the higher ranking officers said during an interview in feb of 2012, his name was with held, for fear of oakbay marina recognizing him, for outstanding moorage, witch, avoiding dock fees, is the biggest part of the gangs operation, costing marinas millions, maybe even trillions, of hard earned high class marina dollars.
Q (pirates weekly magazine)-
"why did you join the gang?"


A) (Piratedude69) "-
 I joined the gang in 2002, couldnt find no job man, because i was smokin too much pot eh, bc bud man,  and i was sick of the 5 bedroom basement suite in my parents mansion i was livin in, all by my self, its hard man, people think the budea is where its at man, but its hard real hard"

 (pirates weekly magazine)- 
 Q) "How do the ranks work, in terms, of, high archy, and do you have to fight to get in?

 A) (piratedude69)- " Well, as for high archy, i still havnt read that part in the pirates guide yet, acually im not quite in the gang, i just kinda say i am, witch is what i herd the gang represents, bullshittin, u know what W.C.P like to say, "big fishin it", 
  I met the head dude, in 2002 who said to me, 
"is the grass really greener on the outher side?, I'll tell ya right now, W.C.P side is not green at all, actually its usually grey, darkishh wet looking, mutherfu@#$r,

 No pink flamingo's taking a shower under rainbow's, from the sweet summer sprinkler, 
 No soft grass padding Calais-less feet mutha fuc#$rs, as you play bochi ball, just real a stinky posse ready to buss some sea cucumbers!"
 then he disappeared into the nights fog eh, i havnt seen him since, actually i havent left the dock.

 The more me and the gang member talked the more i realized that this gang is one of the largest and only growing seamen gangs in the world, and the founder, who goes by the name sonsun, and who is the author of the, "pirates guide to alternative yachting", is said to have no links to Somalian or Philippine pirates,  that they are too lazy to loot, rob, shoot, or extortion with any effort, that you would have to tie your self up and throw yourself in the bilge, because it is said, that any other way is too much effort,  and some have even said, they dont really do anything, because of constant marijuana smoking, and beer drinking.
   We wanted to question the illusive sonsun, but we  haven't found him to question him, so until i do, lock up your daughters, and hide your Canada election signs, 
  this is judfee morun kepgon, reporting from pirate weekly. 

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