Wednesday, April 1, 2009

mutany of the "main squeez"

well, all in all months after my last entry, i battled the winter, today i had court over alchohol consumption after a violent altercation with my brother on that january evening, for either i kill him defending my life or i call the cops, for he tried to throw me over board,so i did, i called them, iv never needed them, acually i dislike them, any way, as the oldest brother i use to beat him up as a youth and he never got over that, meny years later we sit in the middle of the gulf islands tearing my boat apart, long story short, i got arrested, charged with impaired driving, as a pirate it is traditional, obviously to consume copious amounts of alcohol, ganja or tobbaco, it is very dificult to live in modern sociaty and be a proper pirate, but we need to be vigulant!

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