Saturday, November 10, 2007


through out all the boats i have owned or charterd or deck hand, i found the only times i have come close death were on power boats, no sails.
One time me and two friends, one owned the leaky old gilnetter from the 1930's
who fly's helocopters "helecopter steve" for a living a friendly 6 foot 5 lad who is a charachter in all aspect, why he bought a boat with the name "phantom 2" i dont know. The second passanger machanic paul who by right is the jury rig master, and can fix any thing any time any where, any way we went from fulford harbor "home"
saltspring island to go to a reggae party in victoria, the capital of bc.
The trip there took about 8 hours a painless trip, except accadently going into esquimalt millatary base and have gun men escort us out. We partied that night in victoria and next morning headed out, as we neared oak bay a brutal storm came up
and the boat became like a wasing machine, we were not prepared, of course pirates are never prepared, the bildge pump was not screwed into the bildge and all the motion thru it around the over working shaft and ripped the wires out of it, with water squirting thru the gaps in the planks in the hull water started getting knee high. Dabree floating all over, pictures, the quitar ext.., well steve finally got out the old cooking whok and started bailing out the back hatch. I was at the helm
when i noticed smoke coming from the engine room, as soon as i said i see smoke, paul dashed down to the engine where he discoverd the deisel fuel line caught in the alternater belt and tore it in half pissin fuel all over the over working engine.
I still can here the sound of paul yelling "holy shit, get me a bucket", so the one side of the hose pours it into the bucket and the outher side sucks it up,with paul thinking that the engine will swollow a gulp of air and shut down, he yells,
"head to that island of oak bay, and anchor" with steve constanly bailing falling over every ounce ina while from the harsh motion, i took one look at that island
and saw major brakers slamming into the rocks, so i yelled down to him
"ok, ill go there"
but instead i was headed for oak bay, the waves at times seemed 15 feet coming from from three directions, almost impossable to stand, still knee high in water steve steadly bailed, pure kaose!, but i was having a blast, i loved it, paul yelled up
"im taking the table when we sink"
i laughed and said
"were not getting of that easly, god wants us to stay around and suffer"
he didnt think so but i still had a laugh, as we got to the beak wall in oak bay paul was soaked in fuel and after an hour of us reaching that"island" he finally poked his head up to see where we were and to his surprise the break wall of oak bay was 10 minuites a head, he didnt like the idea but the storm was getting worse and i knew we would not survive anchoring.
When we arived it calmed a bit from the break wall and we arrived at the dock, almost running over a boat that sunk on thae dock, but we made it, the storm grew worse for three days, and thats why im the captain.

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