Saturday, October 6, 2007

about me

My name is james mandelin "son", and i am a scally wag pirate, a pirate in the sence
that i live outside the box in everything i do. When i think of the "Box" i think of
an abusive, hypicritical sociaty where image is important, and social statue is mandetory. If you dont fit in or you also see that the raping of the land, the value on labor and the close mindedness of culture, is too much to bare, then you might perfectly under stand me.
I have ben on the streets "out doors with no assistance from family" since i was 13, of and on till 14, then life took a turn to the wickedest, joining gangs, extra...
Any way i found sailing in the west coast of canada, already joing religious groops i knew that i still am not satisfied, and the multipul cults led me to meeting kids12,13,14 years old and helping them in ways nobody els could, because even then at 14, i still "could see" i was always awake!, and from there i learned to sail "anether story" and helped people of all ages to gain confadence in them selfs, i am now 31 and my passion still roars, and everyone i can plant a seed in and inspire i send you my blessings and your not alone and there are conscientious and beautiful people out there!
So dont give up your dreams

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